Safari Showdown


It's an Elephant stampede! Shoot!


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Safari Showdown is a simple, two-dimensional arcade game where you have to try and take down all of the elephants you can before the giant animals crush the car you're fleeing in.

The game mechanics are very simple: your Jeep is situated on the right side of the screen, and the elephants run from the left to the right. When an elephant touches your Jeep, you'll lose a heart, so you need to shoot them before they reach you.

As would be expected, taking an elephant down requires several shots. However, you will occasionally see more powerful weapons floating around in the sky. If you shoot the weapons when they appear, you will be able to use them, making your job easier for a few seconds.

The goal of Safari Showdown is to last as long as possible, which will only happen if you manage to kill all of the elephants within shooting range.

Safari Showdown is a simple and fun arcade game that, in addition to having addictive game mechanics, has great graphics similar to those of games like Zookeeper.
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